5 Brands That Rock At Content Marketing To Moms

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the next big things which can make sure that you have the right knowledge about your consumer, and you can target advertisements to them. There are a lot of companies who have valuable information which can allow you to be the best. The thought behind the strategy is to make sure that you make useful information available to the buyer. One of the toughest audience to please is the mom, but there are many successful brands out there who have managed to build trust with them. Here are some of the brands which have rocked when it comes to content marketing to mom.


Huggies is one brand that does a fabulous job when it comes to writing about useful and creative content for the moms. Their topics range from pregnancy, new baby, baby, toddler. These articles are written by experienced moms. This allows the new mom to have a connection and start a conversation. This is one way the content will directly relate to customers need without being overshadowed.


Kraft is one brand which provides the right kraft recipes which is much more kids friendly. They allow you to be very friendly and also allows you to save on meals. They have many videos of the recipes which sets them apart from other recipes. The recipes are generally a message board which keeps the moms involved and engaged.


Fisher-price offers the perfect online tool for moms. The website has many branches and can help ensure that you get the right information. Their products include things like DIY projects, child activities, online games, blog posts and more. They also have a page which is just for blogs and information. They also ensure that the moms can select the babies age group to ensure that they can provide tips and activities for the age. This is one way of reassuring the mom that they are on the right track.


Anthropologie has a blog and social media setup, which allows you to have up-to-date content on a daily basis with other clothing brands as well. They have the best recipes, DIY projects, contests, home ideas and more. This attracts the new mom’s attention and captivates them in their blogs. They are also very good with the images as it forms an artwork which works as an amazing layout for the blogs to draw attention.


Whole foods

Another brand that has managed to catch the eye of moms is Whole foods. They have a creative project on their blogs and posts, which allows them to stay healthy. As they focus on a healthier lifestyle, mom’s trust them for their babies health.

5 Brands That Rock At Content Marketing To Moms
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